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Changes to my site...

You may notice something different with my website,

I thought now would be a good time to give my website a little makeover, brighten it up a wee bit. So i did, and this is the result.


Bright Pink... Well, why not?


Actually its magenta with a subtle fusion of indigo, oooh, posh eh?


The websites previous look had barely changed since it was first created using Flash technology, but then I made the transition from Flash to HTML5 and kept the site looking pretty much the same, with minor alterations to body font, and the addition of more text boxes.


Moving to HTML5 has opened up new posibilities for my website here at thegirlwithin, and after 2 years of this site i decided to change the look to a more brighter one, hence the magenta, which works well with the indigo text box borders and blurring surrounds.


Welcome to the  girl within  transition blog and transgender fashion store, all in one.


This is my voyage of discovery, discovering myself, and realizing that life does not have to be difficult, as long as you are true to yourself.

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But the changes have not stopped there...


I now have my eagerly awaited blog live here on this site, and it works brilliantly, you can share my posts and leave comments on any blog post you wish.


So head over to my blog now for some ramblings from yours truly.


Enjoy =)

Heyllo, my name is Alexandra, or Lexi to my friends,  and this is my transgender website.

alexandra starr